This is for you if you would love to have a free range business that really feels like you, and:

1. You have a bunch of maybe ideas and tend to jump between them not sure which (if any) are really right, plus

2. You’d love to know how to pick the right thing for you to move forward with and how to start out right to make it happen…

… especially when you already have other full time work and can’t just quit tomorrow!

Sound like you?


Well you’re in the right place because very soon I’m opening the doors to the founding class of the Free Range Humans Academy!

Here we take you step by step through choosing / shaping your thing, getting it up and tested without overwhelm – and going from ‘idea kernel’ to actually paid (even if you haven’t decided on your right idea yet!)

But first: you’re invited to a private (free) webinar where I personally walk you through the actual free range approach to sorting this out.

By coming along to this (one off) live session you’ll:

👋 Discover the real free range steps to going from here to clear, moving and even paid on something that brings you alive (without ‘one big passion’ and without over-complication!)

☑️ Bust the biggest myths that hold people like us back from either pinpointing their ‘right idea’ or from actually starting, (or doing it right).

🔑 See what it takes to create that sweet spot of a right business you love, that really fits you (and works)

💡 See you can do this as you (even if you feel a bit different from others doing this sort of thing!)

🌞  Plus how to do this in a way that is fun, freeing and energising – as well as do-able and realistic!

At the end I’ll show you what’s in the Free Range Academy, how it works for you to really get this sorted – and how you can get a spot on it if you like what you hear (with a special offer for showing up live of course) 🎉

This is the only time I’m planning to open this up for quite a while. So if this is on your mind, put your name to join me on this live webinar:

🗓 Weds June 8 at 8pm UK time / 3pm ET


This live-only session runs for about 75-90 mins.

I’ll talk about pinpointing your right thing to take forward and the real steps to starting your own free range business, while busting some of the biggest myths that can often get in the way…

And you’ll get an exclusive inside look + invite to the Free Range Academy!

Until then,

Marianne x

PS: you won’t be on camera for this so just come as you are 🙂

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