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worst things about being your own boss – or even thinking about becoming your own boss –  is: You have to make the decisions. That means if you’re unsure, you can’t palm it off to committee (well you can ask a supportive group of free rangers – your virtual handpicked committee– but at the end of the day you still have to make the final call, and then follow it through).

BTW putting off a decision (*cough*), or thinking you don’t have the options to decide between or enough permission or enough information  – these are all still part of the bigger theme.

Yet no one talks about this! You can learn all about marketing, and branding, and idea-validation and how to do work that suits you and your cat… but it always surprises me that the thing there’s so little about is the ONE thing that you each and everyone of us does every day: make decisions. So today, we’re going to take on this topic, and to do that I’ve brought in a guest with us in Free Range Land *tidies up the sofa*; someone who is brilliant at making decisions (big and small) – and gets the results to prove how valuable that is:


Laura Roeder founded LKR Social Media and, bootstrapping all the way, grew it into a million dollar plus company in just a few years. She recently launched the brilliant social media automation tool, Edgar which is already making waves. And did this all before age 30.  What I loved about Laura from the second I met her, and why I’ve got her here today, is how calm and clear she is.

What most people see as “no options” or “backed-into-a-corner-by-reality”, she sees as a situation that’s more in your control than you realise.

What most people see as a big ball of crazy, she sees as a choice about how to react.

  Result: the obvious outcome is her business success (and as you’ll see it’s very much related to the decisions she takes) but I think the bigger impact is something much simpler: Laura is such a genuine, happy person – yup, not stressing out 24 hours a day, and not strung out with ‘all the things’. She takes time to travel with her husband and treats her team and people around her beautifully. (And no, she does not have a genie on shoulder whispering the next-perfect-step – she’s working it out just like you!). If you’d like some more of that in your life, listen to this interview. I dare you not to feel calmed and more ready for the world by the end.

Listen to this audio to hear Laura and I talk about making decisions, big and small (and see which parts you might like to take on for yourself):

Laura Roeder interview – click to play


What’s covered here:

– what sort of decisions Laura thinks are the most important (might surprise you!)

– how she deals with “oh but *I* can’t do that” syndrome

– unearthing the “psychic trap”

– how this approach to making decisions can make your “one-day” list happen much faster

– the things we miss when we overcomplicate situations

– Her biggest piece of of advice for you

  Enjoy! Marianne x   ]]>