THE FREE RANGE Quaranteam 



The last Free Range Humans “Quaranteam: session is on Thursday June 11 at 8PM UK time / 3pm ET / 12 noon PT.

And we are talking about the topic that’s on all our minds at the moment.

If your heart has been full over this last week, you are not alone.

From the killings of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Black Lives Matter protests and the groundswell of uprising around race happening everywhere (including in the online business community!) this has been impossible to miss.

The big thing I hear white friends + readers asking is “but how do I respond? What do I say? I’m afraid of getting it wrong!”

These are all questions that we may have but don’t know who or how to ask…

Well, this Thursday we have a place to ask – and to listen + learn.

We are joined by Mya Wilson, a leadership coach trained in Emotional Intelligence (and neuroscience) principles who will be sharing her experiences (in business and personal life) as a black woman.

She’ll be answering any questions, sharing what you can do and show up as ‘you’ (in life or business)… as well as how to apply emotional intelligence to navigate this.

In Mya’s words, she wants this session to feel “like they are talking to their best friend about a sensitive topic”

Bring a cup of tea/glass of whatever you like, step into my virtual living room and let’s chat!

Drop your name below to get the info + Zoom link sent to your inbox!

      PS: we are very lucky that Mya has stepped up and asked to speak with us, and to take questions. She wants to make clear this is a friendly learning environment, not a blame environment.

      So if questions of race, equality, and “what do I do from here” or “what do I say” have been on your mind, this is an wonderful opportunity with a likeminded, empathetic ‘free range human’ who I’m excited for you to meet.

      Drop your name above to be sure to hear!

      Marianne x

      Free Range Humans

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