(no one size fits all formulas in sight!)








When you think what you could be doing for your next stage of income / marketing / where to put your time – there are dozens of ‘should-dos’.

Hop on Facebook and there’s another ad saying here is the one thing you must be doing to grow your thing.

(Is it webinars? Hot sales copy? A funnel? A new product? Ads? Videos? Pricing? ALL THE THINGS!).

Another one-size-fits-all solution to add to the list.

If you want a better way, you’re in the right place.


We help people like you (who don’t quite fit into a box) stand out and grow your business to the next level, with more ease than ever.

How? Not by following someone else’s ‘formula’ but by doing things that fit who you are.

(And by going deeper to what really matters).

And if you like what you read, we’d love you to join us today.


We help people like you (who don’t quite fit into a box) stand out and grow your business to the next level, with more ease than ever.

How? Not by following someone else’s ‘system’ – but by doing things that fit who you are.

(And by going deeper to what really matters).

If you like the sound of that, that’s what we help you do here:


Because the truth is:

You’re smart.

You care about what you do.

You’ve learned and done so much in your business (and sometimes secretly feel you’re a bit beyond a lot of the stuff out there) …

Yet more than once you’ve seen people, no smarter than you, take off in a way that makes you go “WTF?” (You know, the ones who are getting all the clients, all the views + constantly rising income, even in 2020!).

When you’re working with clients (or creating your things) you know what you’re doing! But when you start thinking about all the things you ‘should’ be doing to grow from here – that part can feel like a tornado in your head.

When it comes to the business side you sometimes feel you haven’t fully ‘cracked the code’ on yourself.

It’s time to play this differently.


You’re smart.

You care about what you do.

You’ve learned and done so much in your business (and sometimes secretly feel you’re a bit beyond a lot of the stuff out there) …

Yet more than once you’ve seen people, no smarter than you, take off in a way that makes you go “WTF?”

(You know, the ones who are getting all the clients, all the views + constantly rising income, even in 2020!).

When you’re working with clients (or creating your things) you know what you’re doing. 

But when you start thinking about all the things you ‘should’ be doing to grow from here – that part can feel like a tornado in your head.

When it comes to the business side you sometimes feel you haven’t fully ‘cracked the code’ on yourself.

It’s time to play this differently.


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The online business world has changed in 2020.

There’s more eyeballs on the internet than ever.

And there’s also more people in your field than ever.

But no matter how big the crowd gets, standing out from it… there’s always those people.

You know – that leader who seems to attract in allll the clients (and opportunities) without a hitch. Whatever they put out feels right and seems to fill up fast and smoothly no matter what’s going on in the world.

They also seem… kinda chill: the business + money side is flowing, they get to enjoy life (because they don’t have to run around tinkering with their business / funnel / marketing / delivery / model all the time).

Sounds nice, right?

Of course it does! (Let’s be real here ;).

So when it comes to the right next steps, it’s natural to take a click over and look at what has been working for those people.

The first place most people look is their tactics. 

Are they using a webinar? What’s their pricing? How are they growing a following? What are their social posts like?

Oh, that product idea looks good.

Are they doing sales pages or discovery calls or DMs or a funnel….?

Then a course springs up to show you how to use their exact approaches so you can get the same results!

In theory the way this goes is:

1) find someone who has a great ‘before and after’ story,

2) follow every approach they are using, and

3) ta-da, everything is flowing for you too!

… in theory.

So why doesn’t that work without a hitch?



(and it starts with a story):


(and it starts with a story)

Imagine you’re out walking in a forest.

And at the centre of the forest is the tallest tree. The tallest tree is leafy and just goes up and up, past the other trees. Its leaves get all the sunlight and all the attention, above the crowd.

Everyone is looking at the tallest tree, admiring its leaves.

Some are wondering “maybe I should just take some of those leaves and stick them on my tree. If it worked for them shouldn’t it work for me?”

But while everyone is looking up at the leaves, they’re missing the real point:

The tallest tree in the forest? Is the one with the deepest roots.

The part under the surface you don’t see, the roots, are what create the leaves everyone looks at.

The roots are what let that tree stay strong while the winds sway the others.

The roots are what allow it to rise and grow to high consistently without looking at anyone else.

Of course you know that grabbing leaves from one tree and pasting to another wouldn’t work (obvs) – it would just weigh it down, right?

But that is what we are led to do in business all the time.


Most people spend their time looking at the leaves (aka at the tactics people are using).

Without realising that the reason those tactics work are because of the roots underneath. Their roots are why a tactic flies for them (while 1000 others hit a wall with it).

That is why leaders play this differently.

As the tallest tree in the forest knows, you have to go deeper to rise higher in a way that lasts

That is what we do here.

The leaves are qs like “what platform should I use to sell this? Webinars or a sales page or…”

The roots are knowing how to present it so people say “wow I need that” and hit buy – no matter what platform you use.

The leaves are “should I be doing more Reels or posting on FB or is it time to get into TikTok? Or groups?”

The roots are knowing how to attract so strongly you stand out, and the right clients are drawn to you, no matter where you are.

The leaves are “what is everyone else doing?”

The roots are knowing what approaches will get you the best results in a way that fits your unique personality.

The leaves are the bitty tactics (that it’s so easy to spend loads of time caught up in!)

The roots are what make things take off in the first place (with way more ease).

  • Imagine knowing how pricing psychology (and pricing for income) works so well you never had to worry about whether a price is “right” – instead you just get a “heck yes”
  • Imagine knowing how to unlock your true value in your business in a way that always stands out above the noise (no shouting required)
  • Imagine having such a handle on your superpowers you knew where to put time to get results (that feel good!)… and what you can spend less time worrying about
  •  Imagine having your roots so solid it doesn’t matter what is going on out there, if 100 people are buying in your field, they’re buying from you.
  • Imagine knowing exactly what to say to attract your clients and get them to sign up consistently (more so than ever)
  • Imagine having such a deep handle on your dreams and the business side that you get to grow from here way more smoothly (and ditch the endless should-do list!)
  • Imagine knowing how to put your puzzle pieces together in a way that lets things take off as you (in a way that fits your priorities)

What if you didn’t have to follow anyone’s formula to grow because you had your own that works and lets you rise in the best way possible for you?

Well you don’t have to “imagine” any longer, because it’s here:



RISE is the game-changing programme to help you go from where you are in your business today to that next stage of success (as the person you are)

You want to grow your income and impact (with a ton more ease).

We’ve got the tools, support and more to help you do it – in a way that lasts.

From the moment you step inside, we get to the roots of what will make your business stand out and go to that next level, in a way that fits you (and can grow with you, no matter what’s going on out there).


RISE isn’t like a traditional business or marketing programme:

RISE helps get you, your brand and your offers shining as the leader you are… and so bang-on, that when people are buying in a crowded market they are attracted to and buy from you. Period.

And it works because every step starts with you. We don’t hand you a marketing model that happened to work for us and make you squeeze yourself into it…. instead we help you create your own best-fit model (that works all the better because it’s made to fit you).

You also get to discover your best fit client-attraction style (we all have one!), get a whole new look at your marketing, brand, pricing, offers, mindset and income to rise, and more. Bottom line:

RISE changes the game because it doesn’t just hand you a business formula that was made for someone else (and hope it fits you, your personality, and your unique situation). Instead:

We start with you, go deeper and tailor-make your best answers to fit at every step of the way.

Which is exactly why this works




From the moment you join RISE we’ll help you put together your puzzle pieces and create your best approach to grow from here. 

So that you can have things flowing so clearly and effectively you won’t be worrying about the competition (or wondering if you should change your website again)…. 

You’ll be too busy getting paid, feeling right + living your life.


You’re your own boss with an established business (people who know you love what you do!)



You’re in business but a bit earlier on: you’ve got going (though loads of people don’t know about you yet!) and now want to grow.


  • You want to grow to the next level but in a way that fits you (your personality, priorities and the life you want from here)
  • You secretly feel a bit different from others in your field (be it personality / values / background)
  • You tend to set high standards for yourself (you care about quality, and your clients!)
  • You’re smart, but open to learning… and you’re willing to look yourself as well as your business.


I (Marianne) started my career working in corporate until I started and grew my online business – in a recession, when almost no one knew who I was. 

I’ve always been about building a life not just a business.

And while I never felt like I fitted the “hustle at all costs” online-business mould (being at a hype-filled conference in a windowless room is my actual nightmare)…

… I’ve had things like 6 figure launches, taken thousands through our Free Range Humans courses + memberships, bestselling book, travelled the world (… and also the freedom to take months 100% offline).

How? Not by following a formula – but by creating tailor-made approaches that work for who I am…

And I’ve helped many others do it in ways that fit them.

In 2020 I partnered with Shari Teigman to combine my 10 years of helping people grow their thing, with her “breath of fresh air” creative approach to upgrade your mindset and step into the next level of your business (in a way that really honours who you are today).

Everyone’s story is different. Even ours:

  • I’ve grown my thing while living all over the world, while Shari has grown to be the in-demand coach for online business leaders around the world – while living in her hometown raising two boys as a single mother.
  • Brand wise I’ve gone the TEDx Talk / bestselling book route – but Shari has grown her thing with clients all over the world without needing any of that (ooh).
  • While I’m a big nerd who speed-reads All The Books for fun (fave topics = personality, psychology and marketing), Shari would happily chat all day with all the humans (and def doesn’t see herself as a typical ‘business type’!)

There’s no one ‘type’ that makes it + no one formula.

Both of us have different growth approaches that make the most of who we are – and so will you.

What you’ve done has got you this far but to level up requires a fresh view and upleveled approaches – but they have to fit you. For real.

We’ve seen under the hood of a lot of businesses, and know that trying to squeeze yourself in someone else’s marketing / business-blueprint box is like moving in second gear.

That’s why:



Our approach isn’t to tell you you must copy every step we took and become a version of us – you are way too much of a leader for that 😉

… instead it’s a smart three-part approach that works by going beyond an endless list of tactics and to the heart of what matters:


You’ll master the ‘roots’ that let leaders really fly no matter what’s going on in the world – without the spinning.

From marketing, sales, income and more, this deep know-how gives you a new level of freedom and clarity (that you can use right away and for a long time to come).


Formulas are so over ;). Grow with more ease with smart tailor-made approaches (to income, attraction, offers etc) that work because they’re based on your personality.

Lets you ditch 80% of that ever-growing should-do list and do the right things for you.

03. MINDSET TO rise

Finally, we go deep with you as well as the ‘business stuff’ to put you in the best position to rise from here for real.

You’ll also find your “edge” to stand out above the noise – and attract in ways other dream of. (As the person you are today)


Bottom line: when you join, we go deeper to give you much higher and longer lasting results. Not by following the leader but by having the tools to be the leader in the next level of your business.

With you and your needs firmly in the picture the whole way.


In 2020 we had two launches sell out even in a pandemic (one without a sales page, and the other before it could even launch publicly!).

In the last year, clients have done things like get paid 4 times as much than they ever had before, launch new programmes that worked, take time off social media (while still growing their business), get a ton more clarity and more.

And as your business impacts your life, a personal behind the scenes:

I make a point of taking 3 days a week off (you’ll usually find me painting or hiking!).

And last year Shari was able to take 3 months to take care of her mother when she landed in hospital (because life happens).

Your income and business impact a lot: your time, your ability to be with people, and do things you care about.

(eg: a few years back I fulfilled the dream of buying my own place in London, from the profits from my business!). 

That’s us, but:

What do you want in 2021 and beyond?

More money? More time and headspace? More creativity? More freedom?

(Or your own blend? ;))

This is the place to set yourself up to get that in a way that lasts.


RISE changes the game because we approach things the way leaders do: by going deeper in order to go higher.

And that means we start with you – to find answers that work for you in a much bigger way than any off the shelf solution ever could.

But truth is some people are still looking for the business equivalent of ‘fast food’:

A quick-fix tactic, a 10 step blueprint, a shiny promise that success comes by doing the “one thing everyone must be doing today”.

That is not what we are about here.

RISE is for those who are done with the business ‘fast food’ and want something real.

You want to grow (with a ton more ease and a bunch less spinning) and you’re willing to look at yourself as well as your business to find the right answers. In fact:

Even reading the words “going deeper in order to rise higher” gives you that moment of ‘ooh, yes’.

And you’re downright excited to do it in a way that will honour your personality, priorities and who you are.

BECAUSE THE truth is…

That “this next stage of my business is taking off, in a way that lets me breathe!” feeling doesn’t come from

– tweaking your website / posting more on the socials

– an endless bunch of $1k or 5k courses about everything from creating a funnel / webinars /selling by DMs / high end sales / insert other tactic here…

– going down the rabbit hole of Instagram Reels

– scrolling other people’s feeds

– a $3k money manifestation course

– or even a $20k “how to be a version of the leader at the front of the room” mastermind.

It’s time to play this differently:

IT’S TIME TO unlock your true value 




– Find your ‘edge’ in your business to stand out as the go-to leader in your space (without shouting!)

– Sort the ‘business’ side (marketing / strategy / attraction) so you can get that next level of what you want (freedom / time / impact and income).

– Ditch the should dos and “busy work” for way more clarity on what works for you from here.

– Help your existing offer/s work more smoothly (or craft new ones that can take off and feel right!)

– Get a deeper handle on you + your business to grow in a way that lets you breathe, and fits who you are today.

– Grow with more ease with made-to-fit-you approaches to marketing, brand, income, price etc.

– More headspace, less checking out what other people are doing ;).

– Grow in a way that fits your personality (and your life), for real.

While everyone else is flitting between shiny marketing tactics, growing their ‘should do list’ with every scroll, you’ll have the depth and clarity to shift to that next level (in a way that lets you breathe, and live your life).

“OK I LOVE THIS! WHAT’S inside?”



There are two parts: 1. the programme itself and 2. the support you get from us.


When you step inside this beautifully designed course you find what you need to grow from here in a way that fits you (and stands out + lasts above the noise).

The unique RISE three-part approach works by going beyond endless tactics, and to the heart of what matters:

1. DEPTH TO grow

Why do some people’s every offer just take off and fill up with so much ease? Because of the under-the-surface pieces you’ll learn here.

– Imagine having smart and human approach to offers, brand and client attraction that means even if only a handful of people are buying, they are buying from you.

– Imagine having the know-how to set up your income to Rise (with way more time and space).

– To be the go-to leader in your space, but on your terms?

That’s what we go deep to give you here.

These are the roots that make any tactic really work, and your business flow at another level.


Some of what you get here includes:


Uplevel how you come across (and be the go-to leader for your perfect clients) in a way that fits your personality.

We’ll also help you describe yourself (today’s version of you!) + what you do… in a way that ‘lands’ better than ever.



You know how some leaders seem to know exactly what to say and do to fill up their next offer (without stress)?

This doesn’t happen by magic… it happens when you have your very own ‘marketing swipe file’ – which is what we’ll help you create!

Go deeper to pinpoint the words + approaches that really work for you to attract your right clients (for this next stage) more smoothly than ever.

(Can be used for sales pages, email, conversations, DMs, social and more!).


Imagine having such a handle on this next stage of your business (from client attraction, to what you offer, to the part where they hit buy…) that you knew how to show up and have things work (on your terms) no matter what the climate or economy.

These are the roots that matter.

With this deep understanding (based on how you are at your best and how people really make buying decisions), your ability to stand out + make the right move skyrockets.


The right words matter more than anything in your business. It’s what get people attracted to you, standing out, and buying happily (at the right rates).

We’ll help you speak your people’s language so well (in a way that sounds like you!) they want what you want to offer more than ever.

No ‘pushing’ required!


The deep “Price Psychology” keys to present price to get more “yes!” (and less “I’ll think about it”).

(Just one of these let us *double* the price of an offer… with no change in sign up rate!).

Plus get Marianne’s “Pricing For Income” tool – the tool I use to price for the right income (with ease) without second-guessing


With so many moving parts it can be hard to know what to do to sort things without doing All The Things.

But it doesn’t have to be.  This simple but powerful tool lets you see where to focus to make your offer/s work better.

(Without doing “all the things”… and usually without having to worry about growing your social following!)


And that’s just the start. But:




You’ll get the deeper tools for your business + brand to be ready to stand out and flow at the next level…

With you firmly in the drivers’ seat of your income (+ how you show up) in a way that no shiny ‘tactic’ can ever do.



Here we create tailor made answers that work because they’re based on your personality.

Grow this more effectively (and with more ease) by finding + tapping into the best approaches for you:

From marketing, to what you offer, to your income approach to grow from here – these tailor made approaches change the game (and can’t be found “off the shelf”).

See how to attract clients more naturally, without doing All The Marketing Things (based on your ‘attraction style’),  find your “edge” to make your income flow in 2021, and more:


Discover andknow what to do based on

  • Your “Attraction Style”

(Attract more clients more naturally – without doing All The Marketing Things)

  • Your “Sales Style”

We all have one! If sales isn’t your fave thing – or you’re fine with it in one format (conversation) but less so in another (like writing – or vice versa) this is a game changer!

  • Your brand “edge” 

Stand out from the noise – without squeezing into a box

  •  Your best Income + Offer Model to rise from here (ooh)

… and more.

When you join we help you ‘crack the code’ on yourself when it comes to your business today. So you know where to put your time for your best results. 

No more looking at what that person is up to and wondering if you should do more of that… 

And no more long should-do lists

From knowing how to attract clients more smoothly, to what to say and how to offer your things at that next level (to have things work better and make your life easier):

You’ll tap into what’s working for real out there right now and what’s going to work best for you to rise from here, period.



You are the biggest asset in your business.

So to get the most from this we’ll get real with what you really want, then unpack old stories (about money / identity / time etc) that may hold you back from getting it as smoothly as you’d like.

By going deep here as well as at the ‘business stuff’ we put you in the best position to Rise for real (always on your terms).

Plus you’ll discover your “Archetype” for this next stage of your business (sets you up as the leader you want to be from here on in), and get the ‘free range thinking’ to see answers above the noise more clearly than ever.

You get lifetime access to the above via 4 in-depth modules (Edge of Yourself, Edge of Change, Edge of Market + Edge of Success).

Each part is made to build on the other, in the way that will have the most impact for you. Period.



Plus you don’t have to figure this out alone, for 6 months you get the following:

(All 100% virtual so you can join from anywhere!)

1. Monthly coaching workshop (with hot seat).

Get a burst of Marianne + Shari thinking to uplevel your business every month!

Ask us anything (plus get ideas + inspiration, and a fresh take on what’s been coming up).

2. RISE Mastermind Day (x2)

It’s hard to rise when your head’s caught in the day-to-day.

Every 3 months, step in with us for an energising, creative “no phones” half-day + get a fresh perspective that helps you get more from everything you do in your business.

3. The Clubhouse (private group) 24/7

The spot to meet likeminded Risers (participation optional!)

This is a warm space where real relationships are formed and everyone’s got  your back. Your next business partner or client might even be in the group.

4. Monthly content drop requests

Monthly “drops” to keep it fresh and respond to what’s going on in the world and the group!

We make these in response to what we see going on with Risers (including you) so you always have what you need.

5. Private intake call with Shari

Get set up right with a 1-2-1 kick-off session with Shari.

Shari has a way of really “seeing” you and your business, beyond how most people see you, making this the perfect place to start.

This private kick-off session helps you get the most from RISE, and beyond!






… with a personal review of your business or marketing!

Take an offer you want me to review, marketing you wish was working better, a q about price, brand, something you do on the course, or your business in general and send it over:

I’ll spend real time diving in, apply my brain to your business and record a private audio review back for you.

No more wondering if you ‘did it right’ or guessing what’s the right move, I’m right there with you!

LET’S BE  real

You didn’t start a business for the sake of it. Whether your dream is more freedom, more income, more fulfilment or more time, we’re betting:

You didn’t go into this to think about the money, attraction + sales side way too much.

But without that clear and sorted, the business side takes up a ton of headspace. Right?

You either end up spending too much time and energy going down rabbit holes, adding to that should-do list (or working too hard for what you’re bringing in).

Once we turn that around (going deeper for clarity and results that last) not only does the income and growth side get smoother – you’ll also have more space to breathe, be creative, live life + do things you love.


What you get inside:

– Full RISE 4-part programme plus bonuses (lifetime access)

– Monthly RISE workshop (with hot-seat)

– Private kick-off call with Shari

– Monthly ‘content drop’ 

– Rise Mastermind Day (quarterly)

– Personal review from Marianne (LIMITED BONUS)

– Plus 24/7 private group access 🙂

Total Rise programme value:



$250 x 6


$250 to $950 x 6

$1250 x 2









  •  RISE programme (lifetime access)
  • 6 months’ support including:
  •  Monthly group coaching
  •  Quarterly RISE mastermind days
  •  Monthly content drop
  •  24/7 private group access
  •  Private kick-off call with Shari
  •  LIMITED BONUS: Personal review (get MC’s brain on your business!)





  •  RISE programme (lifetime access)
  • 6 months’ support including:
  • Monthly group coaching
  • Quarterly RISE mastermind days
  •  Monthly content drop
  •  24/7 private group access
  •  Private kick-off call with Shari
  •  LIMITED BONUS: Personal review (get MC’s brain on your business!)


We are running with a one in / one out policy.

To be first in line when a slot opens drop your name and info on the waitlist above! Click above to do that – and yes you’ll also have the option of asking any qs on your mind before you join)

ONE MORE   thing:

Have you ever had that moment where you’re considering joining something but then you think “oh wait is this going to make me do something that isn’t in line with my brand (or what I care about?).”

We know that feeling all too well, and we’ve got your back here.

We know you care about quality + your reputation. You aren’t in this for one quick ‘trick’.

You want to grow your business without losing yourself. You want this to grow in a way that lasts (and that fits you and your priorities).

You *can* get to that next level in your business without compromising what you care about. Step on in and let’s do it!

RISE reviews

“RISE is the best business course I’ve ever done. I’ve done a few, including B-School, but RISE had the biggest impact on my business.

It’s a breath of fresh air. Most courses try to fit you into someone else’s formula. RISE helps you create your own formula, that actually works.

Selina Barker


“I’m loving RISE. It’s so refreshing to find a beautifully designed & run programme that fully delivers on what was sold upfront (so many online just don’t!).”

Sue Hay

Founder, Thrive Media (and branding expert)

“RISE is like nothing else out there. I’m recommending it to everyone I know.” 

“Before joining RISE I was working with clients…  but I wasn’t growing the way I knew I could be. I couldn’t quite put my finger on what was in the way.

There’s so much conflicting advice out there… so much noise, and I didn’t know who to listen to to get that next stage growth in my business.

RISE changed all that.

This is so cleverly put together, it’s had a huge impact on just about everything I do…

You [also] get advice from people you can actually trust who have the knowledge (and track record of actually helping people like us!).

What I didn’t expect is that this isn’t just a smart business course, it also hit me personally, with a confidence and unshakable belief in myself and where I’m going.

I’m not easily impressed, but RISE is like nothing else out there. I’m recommending it to everyone I know.”

Alex Joseph


“This was just the guidance and input I needed!” 

“My personal review was just brilliant! Everything Marianne said is SO spot on and really hit home. This was just the guidance and input I needed.

I made changes to a new offer off the back of this… and my first place sold right away!”

Christina Bradley

Coach, The Creativity Campus

“Having done RISE, it feels like anything I desire, there is a way to make it happen.”

“The most unexpected thing about this was the deep friendships (and even clients!) I got from the group.

I made wonderful connections and their energy helped me shift how I operate in my business and life.

But it’s not just the support:

The programme will help you to level up your game fast (and also discover things about yourself as you go).

Having done RISE, it feels like anything I desire, there is a way to make it happen.

I’m excited about the future of my business and my life.

If you’re on the edge of joining all I can say is – do it!”

Alixandra Wilde

Transformation coach

“My questions usually get answered before I’ve even asked them!” 

“RISE is fantastic.

It feels very thorough, like no stone is left unturned. My questions get answered before I’ve even asked them!

The fresh view on how to do this (in a way that fits me) is a breath of fresh air”

Bridget Woodward


1. How does the timing work?

For the first 30 days you have full access module 1 (as well as to the members’ space and live sessions). After this all other materials unlock!

This is done on purpose to give you space to do the first part without distraction. We have been honing this for a while and know what is most effective, so trust us here!

You have a full 6 months access to everything (support calls, group and more). After this time you still retain lifetime access to your core course materials to dip back into and benefit from for years to come.

2. How much time do I need? What if I fall behind?

RISE is set up to be done on your timetable, not ours. We assume you’re still working on your business (and having a life) while doing this, so we allow a generous amount of time to go through the materials and get support.

Straight up RISE is a comprehensive programme, but we’ve had some people do it in 3 months (using the rest of the time for implementation and support).

We doubled that minimum timeframe so you aren’t feeling rushed and can really dive in – as well as do your own thing.

The monthly workshops (and quaterly RISE day) can be come to from wherever you are in the programme at the time!

3. Does this work for introverts?

Yes! Over half our Risers are introverts (we know ’cause we profile everyone ;)). And there are approaches we call out that work for introverts better than most.

(Hint: you may not need to be alll over the socials).

We also have some wonderfully social extroverts (and those in between).

Bottom line: this is here to help you do this in line with your personalilty and get better results to boot. 

4. What sort of people tend to do Rise?

Risers are from all walks of life. We have Oxford/Cambridge grads… as well as those who went to the university of life :).

Generally in their 30s and 40s, we also have wonderful clients in their mid 20s and late 50s.

Business wise, you’ll see meet coaches, consultants, experts creating courses or memberships in everything from nutrition to relationships to career and more!

Should you take part in the community (it’s not compulsory 😉 you’ll meet likeminded folks from the UK and USA primarily, as well as Australia, around Europe, and more… but more importantly the Risers you’ll meet are kind, smart, good humans who 100% have your back. 

5. Ah I love this but I am about to join a course on selling via webinars / funnels / live video / some mastermind that shows you how to copy the model that happened to work for the leader

Cool. If you have never done anything like that – if you’ve never learned any ‘tactic’ to use in your business, go ahead and join it! It’s great to experiment.

But. If you’ve bought or just followed “use THIS shiny leaf” courses before, you’ve had “clever” approaches gather dust on your hard drive, and are picking that next one up hoping that will be the magical silver bullet?

Then back away from the shiny object and get your butt in RISE.

Just because you love someone’s outcomes does not mean that their way of getting those outcomes is right for you. 

(That’s something you’ll hear a lot over here).

Their approach works for them because it fits their personality their strengths their situation (AND because they have the roots to make it take off no matter what). If you feel it’s time for you to have the same, join us.

We aren’t going to make you follow a formula. We’ll help you create a formula that works because it’s tailor made for you.

6. I don't have a big following, will this work for me?

Yes! That’s one of the points of Rise.

Plenty of clients take off with a ton of freedom without a following.

Though if you have one we’ll help you tap into it better than ever.

We’ll help you grow based on who you are and where your business is today.

(TL;DR: if you do have a good following, or want to grow one, we’ve got your back but it’s not a pre-requisite to join).


7. Am I too advanced for this?

Do you have the level of income, security, reach, the impact (and the time freedom) you want in your business?

If not, this isn’t too advanced for you.

We’ve even had friends and peers of ours on this (including authors, people with established businesses, and people others look to for advice), and they all say it’s exactly what they needed to rise.

Risers are either established (been in business a while) or earlier on (at the ‘first handful of clients’ stage) and wanting to grow from there (each get special materials to meet you where you are, you’ll get a chance to let us know where you’re at once you join).

If that’s you this will be a perfect fit.

If you want to go to the next level in your business (even if you aren’t sure what that next level looks like yet) this is for you.

8. This is great! But I already know what I'm about and have no issues doing things as me 🙂

Love it! But quick q, how are things working out in your business?

There are loads of people who say “I don’t compare myself anymore!” but they ALSO don’t have the business outcomes they want (meaning, the income they deserve, the time, the freedom and reach, or whatever is on your list).

It’s not enough just knowing who you are. You also have to know what you DO with it. That what we help you do here.

The head and the heart. If you like that, join us.


9. I have an idea for a business but haven't got going at all (or even done a project). Also I'm kind of wondering if it's the right idea. Will this show me a step by step way of getting started?

No. This particular edition of RISE is not about “finding” your right idea. It’s for people who are in business in some way:

Risers are either established (been in business a while) – or early on (at the ‘first handful of clients’ stage and wanting to grow from there).

If that’s you this will be a perfect fit, and the door is open now, so step on in!

(BTW if you are committed to your business, but you haven’t really had any clients – but you love what you’ve read here – this might be a fit (we have a secret ‘beginner track’ with some extras not mentioned here!).

If that’s you, drop a message either in the application form or in the chat box on this page letting us know where you’re at, and why you are drawn to Rise and we’ll go from there)

10. Is 2021 the right time to grow my (online) business?

Yes! There are more eyesballs online than ever before and loads of reasons why ‘yes’ – here are just five:

a) some people had their best years yet business wise in 2020 and more will in 2021 – there is no reason that can’t be you.

b) What you learn here gives you MORE ability to dance with and respond to changes as they happen (so your business doesn’t only grow, you also feel more secure in it).

c) people are buying for sure, but they are being more selective who from (so this stuff matters more than ever)

d)  being real, not everyone has the flexibility of an online income, so growing this, getting your “roots” solid + income flowing better than ever gives you more opportunities to contribute and help those who need it (if that’s been on your mind).

e) there is enough going on in the world for your head to be swirling but your business doesn’t have to add to that.

That is the one thing you can control. That can be clear, and calm (while also being exciting!).

11. I'm really reading this because I was curious how you were going to make this offer, ha ha. Don't mind me, I'm just here for inspiration!

Hi! We love you.

And you need to join Rise.

Like, now.

We’re serious. You are who we made this for: you’re scrolling what other people are doing hoping to get some ideas for how to position something / price something / offer something?

But imagine having so much clarity and something working so well you didn’t need to check out someone else’s approach.

That’s one thing RISE is built to give you.

Seriously – let’s stop the looking on IG for what others are doing, adding to that should do list and scrolling darn sales pages with the ‘ooh that’s a clever idea” pen out. 

You’re motivated and resourceful – so let’s play this differently, with your own offers that fly off the shelf, with approaches that works because they’re made to fit.

(Also, join today and MC will review your actual offers herself with a personal review – nice!).




– Sort the ‘business’ side (marketing / strategy / attraction) so you can get that next level of what you want (freedom/time/impact and income).

– Ditch the should dos and “busy work” for way more clarity on what works for you from here.

– Find your ‘edge’ in your business to stand out as the go-to leader in your space (without shouting)

– More headspace, less checking out what other people are doing ;).

– Help your existing offer/s work more smoothly (or craft new ones that can take off and feel right!)

– Get a deeper handle on your business to grow in a way that lets you breathe, and fits you.

– Grow in a way that fits your personality (and your life), for real.


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