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Here’s the next step:

If you’d love to find and start your right business – that fits both the “head” (the business side that actually works!) and the “heart” (aka really fits you) read on.

What you heard above is one piece of the picture – but of course there is more to it (obviously!)

 That’s why when working with clients on this, we use approaches that change the game – especially for people who are interested in a bunch of things (but for whom no ‘one’ idea ever seems right enough):

  • 💛 For starters, I’ll rewire how you find that idea by starting in a deeper way: with your ‘superpowers’ (a unique intersection of things that really bring you alive + that are your very best strengths).
  • 💡 From here we’ll pinpoint and craft a business to take forward that fits you uniquely, feels really right for you and your next stage (and works on the business side, so you can get paid in reality)!
  • ✔️ Then we help you validate the idea (so key!) then shape it up so it actually works for you – so you don’t waste your time (or get caught in analysis paralysis!)
  • 👉 From here I’ll help you stand out from the crowd (naturally!), package and position what you do in a way that lands – and even go from here to paying clients, in a way that fits your personality (and works for real… without having build up a huge social following first!)

Result: you’re not thinking “what should I be doing” for another year.

Instead you’re clear and moving, with your thing that is shaped to fit you, that you’re excited about (and confident in) for the right reasons – and is really happening.

If you like the sound of this you’re here at the right time 👋

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