You’re here because you’re your own boss – and the sort of person and leader I love:

Someone who’s thoughtful, real, and cares about what they do. Likely you feel a little different to others who do what you do too (right?)

Now I usually only work with advanced folks like you by word of mouth… but as you’re reading my emails I want to let you in on how I’m working with people like you right now, in case it fits what’s been on your mind:


Marianne Cantwell, author of “Be A Free Range Human”, founder Free Range Humans

Got something you want to get out there?

A book, TEDx Talk or a course etc?

This is my jam – want my brain on your launch?

This is for you if:

  • You have an existing brand – and you care about your reputation
  • You have released or launched something before (even if in a different format!)
  • You care about this, and you know someone will benefit from the thing you’re putting out there
  • You care about quality (and don’t want this to be just a ‘flash in the pan’)
  • You are someone who makes things happen especially once you know what you’re doing!

The time and work you’ve put into your thing only pays off when it gets out there right.

(That’s where I come in)

I work with you in a tailored (100% private) way to create a launch that is tailored to fit you (your strengths, priorities for this and where you’re at in your business), as well as smart approaches that work.

(We also cut out things that aren’t going to get as many results – but would have kept you chasing your tail).

whythis matters (for you)

1. The results can reverberate for years

To this day I get new people / clients coming from my TEDx Talk (and my book)…

Because of how I launched years ago.

For programs – get into your stride and you can use the best parts again whenever you like (phew!).

Launching well can pay off for a long time. 

It opens doors and gives a boost that keeps paying off.

2. Made to fit you

You are the biggest asset in your business.

So approaches that don’t make the most of your strengths and advantages are going to miss a trick!

Here only do you get a smart launch strategy – I make sure what we do is tailored to you.

(That’s when things can actually take off).

3. Supports your real aims and dreams

You’re doing this as part of something bigger:

Maybe it’s how you want to be seen from here.

(Or even where you’d love to get be with your business / income / work / life in the future!)

I ensure what we do here supports what’s important to you – because this stuff doesn’t come together by accident.

PS: I love this ‘get it out there’ part just as much as you love creating – and my clients say that enthusiasm rubs off, just as much as the strategy lands.

Let’s do this together!

Free Range Humans

Your work deserves to be out in the world, with the best head start.

But I also know it’s unusual to be able to sit down privately with someone experienced who’s achieved results and who gets this (outside of a full on 5 – 6 figure mastermind format).

To get things sorted with someone who gets it by your side.

That’s why I periodically open up to work with a few people on this.

If what you’ve read calls to you – there’s a few options for how we can do this (all enrolling now).

I only work with a few people in this way, so this is application only.

Your next step is drop me a line below with more info and what you most want. If it’s a fit I’ll let you know and share more!

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