The Hidden Power Of Not (Always) Fitting In

A while ago I noticed that there was a big mistake in how we talk about work, success, belonging, happiness and more.

There’s this mistaken idea that the ones who thrive, at the very top of their game are the ones who naturally 100% fit into the industry they are in…

But when you look at the success stories under the surface, that is rarely true.

There’s another idea beyond being a ‘conformist’ or being a ‘rebel’ and it’s called being “liminal”.

That means being someone who has a foot in one world (playing the game enough in order to get by) but a foot in who they are – typically this person secretly never feels they 100% fit anywhere (even if others think they do!).

And while that can be their greatest achilles, when harnessed right it an also be their secret superpower.

These ideas (around belonging and identity and what it means to thrive when you don’t fully fit) are questions I’ve been thinking about all my life. The other year I stepped on the TEDx stage to talk about them.

The talk I gave is here: it touches on a fraction of the ideas behind this, but it’s a great place to start if anything you just read sounds like you.

PS: this has been written up by Entrepreneur as one of the Top 10 Ted Talks to watch to overcome fear of failure, and with over half a million views it’s clearly striking a chord with people. I hope it does so with you too.

Marianne x

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