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Hi, I’m Marianne Cantwell,

For the last decade Free Range Humans + I have been helping people like us:

  • People who don’t fit into the box that others sometimes assume we do.
  • People who’d love to create or grow their own path (without an office or a boss… and without getting lost in all the ‘one size fits all’ formulas all over the internet).
  • People who know there is more to life than this, and want to think smart about their right next step.

Be A Free Range Human

(second edition)


This bestselling book was released in an upgraded and extended new edition in 2019!

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This book is the result of years of work with real people, and this new expanded 2019 release is hands down the best place to start.

03. AUDIO ideas

“Create your own career when no one job fits”.

Downloaded 10,000 times, this 1 hour audio is all about thinking ‘free range’ to create a tailor-made idea for you.

02. SEE THE blog

Free Range Humans started life as a blog, and while it’s grown to much more than that you can see some of the original posts here!

04. “I WOULD LITERALLY PAY TO  sort this out!

Browsed around, read ‘all the things’ and are serious about finally figuring out your ‘really right’ next step? One of the most impactful things I ever did was work with a top end coach – there’s no replacement for that individual attention. If you’d like one of my top advisors to help YOU find your right next move and bring it to life, head on over here:

Meet Marianne

"In a world of noise how do you hear clearly enough to know what is truly the right next step for you? That's exactly where this slides into your life"

Marianne Cantwell, be a free range human

What people are saying

"Pragmatic, practical and inspirational… There is not one identikit route we all need to take in order to be successful or happy. This book will help you find your own way."

Marianne Power – Author of the international bestseller: “Help Me: Why Self Help Did *Not* Change My Life”

"There isn’t just one way to create a business and life that fits who you are in our fast changing world. Read this if you want to awaken new possibilities and find the path that’s right for you."

Dorie Clark – Author of “Reinventing You” and “Entrepreneurial You”. Faculty, Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business

"When I read Be A Free Range Human, it felt as though a million lightbulbs went off at once. I had an idea of what I wanted but I didn’t think it could be done without compromising my own mental health and introverted nature. This changed my perspective and gave me the confidence to create a life that fits."

Jayne Hardy – Founder, “The Blurt Foundation”. Author, “The Self-Care Project”


"I love this book. A fantastic mix of inspiring and practical. Reading this edition is like sitting down with someone who knows what she’s talking about, and who actually cares that you live a life that’s meaningful… Marianne will not only help you dream bigger, she will also show you the little steps you can take today to get there."

James Wallman – Author, “Time And How To Spend It”

"Be a Free Range Human shines. Marianne Cantwell could have merely inspired millions of people to think outside the job box, but she goes the extra mile to provide the reader with the all-important “how.” Brilliant!"

Dr. Valerie Young – Author of “The Secret Thoughts of Successful Women”, international speaker (including Princeton, MIT, Cornell, Stanford and Harvard)

"There are some wonderful guides to help us get out and thrive and none better than Marianne Cantwell's"

Ben keene – Co-founder of tribe wanted, co-founder of the rebel book club (and former startup leader at escape the city)

"Imaginative, inspirational, and challenging. A unique, well written book that will have a huge impact on readers."

Dr. Barrie Hopson – Author of 40 books including “Build Your Own Rainbow” and “And What Do You Do? 10 Steps To A Portfolio Career”

"A practical guidebook loaded with exactly the tools you need to break free of excuses and start creating the adventurous life of your dreams. Marianne Cantwell knows what she’s talking about. Pay attention."

Barbara Winter – Author of “Making A Living Without A Job”

"Read this and realise that the world is your oyster. A rare mix of funny, frank and feisty, as well as realistic and do-able, this is the kind of book you’ll take everywhere with you."

Nadia Finer – Co-author “More To Life Than Shoes”

You don’t need to be a wildly confident super-human.

You don’t need to be a wildly confident super-human.

You don’t need to pretend you’re someone you’re not.

You do need to think different and take that step.

Find out how!

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