Welcome, you! 


I’m so glad you showed up in this cosy corner of the internet. 

As I was saying, Free Range Humans is the place for people who feel, well, pretty much like this.

People who secretly don’t fit into the box others assume you do, who feel there has to be something more out there… and who want to think smart about their right next step…

… so you don’t have to leave your personality or the life you want at the door to get paid.

Free Range Humans founder, Marianne (hi, that’s me in the pictures!) is also the author of the bestselling Be A Free Range Human 



(AKA a peek at the Free Range values that have led our work with 1000s of real people)



Your difference is your edge.  

Here, (especially in my book!) you learn how the very things about yourself that are ‘different’ or you feel you should hide in the workplace are often the secret to your success and happiness in the free range world. 

(As you’ll see in there, weaknesses are often just strengths in the wrong environment) 

You don’t need to find your “ONE big passion” to create something you love & that brings you alive 

If you have been trying to find your right direction & are hitting a wall with this, pick up the fresh edition of Be A Free Range Human to learn another way.



We don’t do one-size-fits-all formulas.

If you’re looking for a cheesy 10-step strategy that says “be a copy-cat version of this person and you will have freedom and success forever!” (*eye roll*)… you won’t find that here. 

Your personality doesn’t fit in someone else’s box so let’s learn how to create your own solution 


And finally, we know we are at one of the luckiest points in history for making a change, with more connections and information available at our fingertips ever before…

We also know that too much information can lead to overwhelm and lack of clarity  – that’s one thing we take on in the book.



Free Range Humans (noun)

~ freE-ˌrAYnj hyOO-muhns

A Free Range Human is:

01. A person (human) who has created a work life that fits their unique personality

Free Range Humans have figured out what they want to do with their lives, and are doing it for real (without getting lost in one-size-fits all blueprints or ’10-step formulas for success’ that tell you you have to be a version of someone else to be good enough)

02. A person who has created a Free Range work-life that fits their situation (and the life they really want).

They choose when, where and how they spend their days. 

03. A person who has decided to live their life every day, not just weekends.

Most free rangers have done what many think is impossible: figured out how to make a living without an office or a boss, on their own terms. (Others choose to edit their employed life in a way that brings them alive, and run projects on the side!).

Every free ranger’s solution looks different but what they have in common is they created it to suit who they really are and haven’t looked back.

A Free Range Story

Free Range Humans were once Career Cage humans. They were stuck in a metal tube, commuting to a concrete office-box… and (this is the important part) feeling had to fit themselves into someone else’s box to get paid.  

(Some other free range fledglings had quit their job to run their own business… but found themselves stuck comparing themselves to those other people on the internet, feeling they had to be a version of someone else to make things work).

They felt a bit ‘different’ to others around them. Don’t get me wrong, they knew how to play the part… but still they knew there was something more. 

They didn’t like it much, but thought ‘once I get to a higher perch I will be happier’. Everyone around them said that was the right thing to do.

Then one day they woke up. They realised their position on the perch was not the problem. The problem was the whole ‘cage’. 

So they poked their head into the sunlight, and this is what they found: 

Street Cred:

You don’t need to be a wildly confident super-human.

You don’t need to pretend you’re someone you’re not.

You do need to think different and take that step.

Find out how!

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