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New edition of Be a Free Range Human was released in Sept 2019


This book has been translated into 7 languages; the first edition was a consistent top seller in careers/entrepreneurship in the UK.

It has been profiled in mainstream press from BBC World and The Guardian, to double page spreads in popular women’s/lifestyle magazines, to CBS Money and Business Insider.

The Author

Marianne is the author of Be A Free Range Human, the founder of Free Range Humans and a TEDx speaker (“The Hidden Power Of Not Always Fitting In” has close to half a million views and was named by Entrepreneur.com as one of the “Top 10 TED talks to watch to overcome fear of failure”).

Marianne’s thinking has been featured in Business Insider, Financial Times (FT.com), Inc.com, BBC World, the Telegraph and more. She has previously been featured in The Guardian, Daily Mail (You Magazine), Psychologies, Forbes Business Week, CBS MoneyWatch, and on over 30 podcasts such as Foundr

She started and grew a business in a recession (leaving corproate life in London over a decade ago) and spent years travelling the world with her laptop. Today she lives between London and sunny California.

You can see Marianne’s full about page here.

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Topics : the inside view (for podcasters and bloggers)


If you’re keen to interview Marianne and want a steer on the topic, some ideas include:


  • Why your ‘weirdness is your edge’ (an unconventional way of finding your right direction)
  • Creating a ‘custom’ career or business when no one idea fully fits you
  • The reality of own-bossing (the side that the Instagram photos of people with laptops by the beach doesn’t show – aka that the freedom you want doesn’t automatically happen when you quit your job – and what to do about it).
  • ‘Beyond one-size fits all formulas’: finding your right next steps in a noisy world (particularly resonant in 2019, where comparisons and ‘quick fix how tos’ are all over your newsfeed)
  • Mental health/anxiety and business (includes stories of people who created ‘custom careers’ that work with, not against, these parts of them)
  • Crafting a life and business that suits you for real (rather than it just being a ‘smart sounding idea’ on paper!).
  • Making a change for real vs endless researching: the ‘free range’ approach to going from idea to doing in 2 weeks, without getting lost in analysis paralysis. 
  • As well as wider conversations and personal stories on creating work and a life that doesn’t require you to leave a part of yourself at the door in order to get paid (and why this is important to be talking about today in our comparison filled world).
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