What to do when you want to do everything

Tell me if this sounds familiar: 

1. You have an idea, you get excited by all the possibilities, then you discover reasons why not… and ditch it.

2. Then you get another idea for something you might like to do… so you get excited for a week (or an hour)… yes, this is it, this is the one!.

3. And then, you worry if you’re making the right choice. Doubts creep in. You start thinking you’ll get bored with this one, you might be closing the door on a better option… and what if it doesn’t work out after all? 

As a result, you ping between ideas, but stay exactly where you are (commuting to a job you don’t like or spending the bulk of your time doing something that isn’t so you, month after month).

How can you choose just one thing, when you just don’t know what you really want?

I get this. I’ve been there. Many times! 

The problem is that regular career and business advice isn’t made for people like us.

Regular advice is all about how to choose one thing and then cram our personality into that box.

Just because the box is a better shape doesn’t hide the fact it’s still a box.

If you’ve been going around in this cycle for a while: there is another way.

  • A way where you get to choose more than one thing and tailor your work and life to suit you in all your uniqueness.
  • A way that means you don’t have to hide your personality or give up on your possibilities
  • A way that means you don’t have to wait for anyone to give you permission to get started.

I talk through this in a packed audio on How To Create Your Perfect (Free Range) Career When No One Job Ticks The Boxes.