Personality Deep Dive

(Bonus from Be A Free Range Human chapter 7)


How can you use personality profiles to help figure out your thing, mould it to suit you and really make things happen?

That is what we talk about in this special bonus with my go-to expert on this topic, Jeanne Patti.

This comes in two parts – and if you’re on your first run through the book, Part 1 is really the one to go for right now!

PART 1: The Personality Masterclass (for free rangers and free range fledglings):

In this 20 minute bonus we get real about using knowledge of your personality/profiles in general to help create and do your thing

(You’ll also hear why I am a fan of personality profiles to get more freedom to be you – and better results to boot).

Whether you’ve never done a personality assessment before or if you’ve done a ton, listen in to this for a fresh take on how to use these tools to more effectively for your next steps.

Listen in here:

Personality bonus (part 1, masterclass)


2:15 “Is there one type of personality best suited to free ranging?”

5:30 How can you use personality profiles to mould your right idea and make it happen?

17:00: What if you ever feel like your personality isn’t ‘enough’ for this? 

PART 2: The deep dive (with one system) 

Here is where we take the ideas in the previous audio and apply them to one personality profile to get specific.

Heads up, this is a long one (in fact originally we weren’t even going to include it here as it’s so in depth so think of it as a bonus-bonus!). 

It’s long because there are 16 profiles and so much we could talk about for each of these! I bring along my wonderfully detail-oriented colleague Jeanne Patti to lead on this so you get an extra big dose of expertise.

Important: this Part 2 audio isn’t compulsory listening right now, so an important note for people who can get bogged in detail:

If it’s a choice between ‘keep reading and doing the exercises’ vs listen to this’ then it’s more important to keep reading and doing the exercises. You can come back here any time. 

TIP: I found the first 30 mins (HOW different profiles make things happen) particularly useful when it comes to doing projects or going from idea to really ‘doing’.


Bonus visuals – download this PDF to refer to while listening in to this part 2 audio!


Section 1: 

5:00 The ‘how’: a closer look at how this applies to a specific well known personality profile system (In this bonus we are using your profile as a clue for ‘how’ to make things happen in flow, as you).

Section 2: 

34:30 Deep dive into ‘purpose and creativity’ for each type (for more detailed time stamps for this last part and when each profile group is mentioned see the last page in the bonus document above)

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