The Free Range Styles

(Bonus from Be A Free Range Human chapter 24)


Want more on the Free Range Styles? You’re in the right place! Here I’m joined by special guest expert Jeanne Patti to talk through the Styles in more depth for you!

 This bonus is in two parts:


Part 1. The mindset of the Free Range Styles.

Here we talk about why using this Styles approach makes a difference… and how to give yourself an edge by taking on this way of thinking.

I recommend starting here!

Part 2. The Deep Dive

In this second part, we go in more detail about 

a) figuring out your style (some simple approaches to clarifying things if you feel you need extra input!) and then

b) a closer look at each Style (with examples) 

    Tip: This is a long audio so we have handy time stamps below so you can go to your right place if you don’t want to listen the whole way through!  

    Listen in here:

    Time stamps for Part 2:

    8:20: Attractor

    37:30 Connector

    49:00 Selina Barker’s interview about being a Connector

    1:12:10 Doing social media as a Connector  

    1:15:20 Trusted Person

    1:38:45 Jeanne’s story of her first ever business which she grew as a Trusted Person – even before her corporate career (it’s not on a topic I’d expected, but listen to where it goes!)

    1:44:00 Summary and next steps

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